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  • How To Become An Air Traffic Controller
    by Tim Muma - October 19, 2020
    If you're a good problem-solver who also loves aviation, this might be the perfect career for you. If you've ever traveled by plane, you know there are no traffic lights or police high in the air to direct planes in order to avoid mishaps. This is where you'd come in. Air traffic controllers give pilots clearance for all takeoffs and landings and make sure all aircraft stays a safe distance apart by coordinat...
  • Impact Of Mergers And Acquistions
    by Tim Muma - October 19, 2020
    Mergers and acquisitions are a way for some companies to improve profits and productivity, while reducing overall expenses. While good for business, in some cases they are not good for employees. With a merger and acquisition come the requisite lay–offs, leaving many employees worried about their positions or the changing culture of the company. Unfortunately, there may be instances where you will have little to no...
  • Equal Pay Act For Women
    by Tim Muma - September 8, 2020
    Women have been facing pay discrimination for decades – and unfortunately, continue to do so today. In fact, women earn 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, even though they make up almost 50 percent of today’s workforce. [i] When President Kennedy enacted the Equal Pay Act (EPA) in 1963, visit here http://www.eeoc.gov/, women were actually earning even less – or 59 cents for every dollar earned by...
  • Top Seven Community And Social Service Occupations
    by Tim Muma - August 19, 2020
    For many who enter college to study the social sciences, their goal is nothing short of dedicating themselves to giving back to the community and helping make the world a better place. What lies ahead for those who take this path can vary greatly in regard to actual work performed, but in most cases graduates will find a high growth rate for jobs in this broad field. Here are seven of the top occupations in community and...
  • How To Become A Petroleum Engineer
    by Tim Muma - August 1, 2020
    Veterans seeking a post-military career that offers better-than-average pay in a rapidly growing field might discover putting their discipline, mathematical and scientific skills to work pays off big in petroleum engineering. This highly specialized field only requires a bachelor's degree to enter while relying on many of the same skills that foster a successful military career. A Day in the Life of a Petroleum Engin...
  • Top Seven Transportation And Material Moving Occupations
    by Tim Muma - July 13, 2020
    Whether it’s making sure people get from Point A to Point B safely or overseeing the shipment of materials, transportation jobs offer potential for those with an interest in the field. While duties, entry level requirements, job availability and median pay can vary greatly based on the position sought, the overall field remains a promising one for students with an interest in transit. Here is a look at seven of...
  • Interview Disasters (and How to Handle Them)
    with Jim Webber and Tim Muma - March 20, 2019
    If you talk with enough people, you're bound to come across some very interesting scenarios. Jim Webber conducted thousands of job interviews throughout his career as a human resources manager, and he joins Tim Muma to share some of the more disastrous conversations. These anecdotes aren't only meant to entertain and frighten, but to give the listeners an understanding of what NOT to do in an interview. Jim also shares his...
  • Interview Quick Hits
    with Barry Drexler and Tim Muma - March 12, 2019
    The job interview remains the best opportunity to truly sell yourself as a person and a professional to land a new job. There are a number components to the interview that runs the gamut from preparation and body language to questions for the employer and following up. Barry Drexler, the Expert Interview Coach, tackles a number of terms associated with the interview and gives Tim Muma an idea of how each of these impact you...
  • Creating Job Opportunites in College
    with Sarah Kikkert and Tim Muma - March 9, 2019
    One of the best ways to learn is to get first-hand accounts from the individuals who have recently lived through the exact scenario you're currently in. With that, Tim Muma is joined by Sarah Kikkert, the communications and social media coordinator for the Wisconsin State Fair. Sarah hasn't been out of college for long, but she took every opportunity to work, learn and network while she was in school. Sarah describes the ke...
  • Attract Employers Through Networking, Expertise
    with Debra Feldman and Tim Muma - March 7, 2019
    Effective networking doesn't come from simply chatting up as many people as you can to tell them how great you are or what type of job you're seeking. Executive talent agent Debra Feldman stresses the need to attract others to recognize your skills, experience, and expertise. She tells Tim Muma that who you speak to and how you grab their attention matters as much as anything else when on the hunt for a new job or career.